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Posted by MallorcaCo on 06/10/2017
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 Sa Dragonera, Mallorca

 Sa Dragonera Mallorca

Today I have been luckily enough to watch the sunrise from the top of  Sa Dragonera Mallorca, we set off at 0630 from port d Andratx Mallorca by Boat. After a 45 minute walk up the stoney path we made it one of my favourite spots to see the sunrise over Mallorca.

Sa Dragonera Mallorca is a small uninhabited island on the south west coast of Majorca with an area of 2.88 km2 and the highest point being 360m, Sa Dragonera Mallorca is home to the Endemic lizards. The island is part of the municipality of Andratx, which is along with sant elm the closest towns to the island. The name Dragonera comes from the islands resemblance of a dragon. Dragonera has a small natural port in the Cala Llado area

The 18th century saw Two defensive watch towers built to protect Mallorca from the numerous pirates sailing the waters.

In 1910 the lighthouse of Tramuntana and Llebeig was built to replace the Old light house which was at at the lower part of the island often covered by mist !! Between 1960 and 1975 the lighthouses were improved and became automatic which meant the only resident’s the lighthouse keeper and his family left the island.

The island was sold in 1941 to Juan Flexas who stated to farm the land.

In 1977 the island had plans to be turned into a tourist development. Luckily this didn’t happen due to the island being occupied by environmentalists protesters…. the protesters won and the island has become a nature reserve.

By the mid 20th century the island was often used by the estraperlo smugglers…

Dragonera is home to over 360 different plant species, 18 exclusive to the Balearics, a subspecies of lizards that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, a snail species also exclusive to the Balearic island and home to a vast selection seafaring birds.

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