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Posted by MallorcaCo on 12/01/2018
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Bunyola Mallorca 

Bunyola Mallorca

Bunyola Mallorca. One of the islands most charming and unspoiled places. This beautiful, sleepy, typical Mallorcan village lies at the foot of the stunningly majestic Tramuntana mountain range, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the west of this gorgeous Balearic island. Surrounded by woodland of the Alfàbia mountains, this peaceful place has managed to maintain its true Mallorcan authenticity and is one of the few untouched villages, successful in escaping the throws of development that the almighty tourism industry has brought to many other parts of the island. In fact, you won’t even find a hotel in Bunyola Mallorca!

The are a couple of theories surrounding the origin of the village’s name. One is that it is derived from the Arabic translation for small vineyard – ‘bujola’, which shows the connection to the local wine growing in the area. The other is from ‘βουνό’, the Greek word for mountain, linking it to it’s majestic surrounding landscape.

As a typical Majorcan village, there are plenty of local restaurants, bars, cafes and shops, offering everything one needs to stay refreshed on a day to day basis. Its ancient traditional weekly market in the town’s main square every Saturday, sells the finest local island produce. For anything else, its convenient location just 14km north of the Mallorca’s capital city of Palma, affords this destination the best of both worlds – calm and tranquility yet close to all the amenities.

Bunyola Mallorca has enjoyed a prosperous past, still evident today in the streets and particularly in the estates and former manor houses of ‘Sa Font Seca’, ‘Biniforani’ and ‘S’Algueria’. In fact, it is the location of an exquisite estate, designed by one of Antoni Gaudi’s students. Set in a tropical setting, its exterior is as rich as its famous architectural style. Nowadays, more modern luxury real estate in Bunyola Mallorca can be found amongst that of its exuberant past.

Looking out on a beautiful clear Mediterranean day, Bunyola boasts some truly spectacular views. To the east, the islands vast and lush central plains capture the eye, whilst the ever present awesome Tramuntana mountain range rises out, from the west.  

Bunyola’s main attraction is the ‘Jardines de Alfàbia’. This grand estate which was once a muslim residence, features elements from the Gothic and Baroque era’s, all perfectly encapsulated amongst its charming courtyard, graceful gardens and pretty ponds. The other well known feature of this charming village is its train station. One of the stops along the historic and beautiful Palma to Soller train line, the chance to ride in one of the 90 year old Mahogany and vintage brass carriages through the breathtaking scenery, is truly a special and memorable experience. For the more active, the nearby 18-hole golf course of ‘Son Termens’ or one of the many horse riding stables, provide welcome opportunity for some exertive play.

Bunyola Mallorca is a relatively unknown, almost secret location, to buy luxury property for sale. Its escape from touristic development along with its charm, peaceful and traditional character makes it a choice location for those looking to make a property investment in Mallorca. As a result, Bunyola, Mallorca has become a preferred place of residence for many, looking for their perfect Balearic property, amongst one of the finest selections. Bunyola, Mallorca is a prime location for a holiday home in the Mediterranean sun. Amongst the offerings in Bunyola Mallorca are luxury large family villas with pool for sale, traditional fincas with land for sale, rural farmhouses for sale and historic village townhouses for sale.

As this location is relatively unknown and off the beaten tourist track, Bunyola is a perfect place to buy luxury property for sale and at a great price. Luxury property for sale in Bunyola Mallorca affords many rich benefits in terms of a wonderful Mediterranean lifestyle and great value for money!

Luxury property for sale in Bunyola, at the foothills of the Tramuntana mountains. One could ask for little else!

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