Apartments And Villas For Sale In Palma, Mallorca

Apartments And Villas For Sale In Palma, Mallorca (majorca)

Palma, Mallorca’s beautiful capital city and recently voted one of the most desirable places to live in the world! With house prices rising at a higher rate than on the mainland and a shortage of homes in the heart of the city, less fashionable areas have been enjoying renovations and a rise in popularity and price as this property market shows no signs of slowing down. This chic, elegant and historical city has become a prime location in which to own a luxury property in Majorca.

This Mediterranean city boasts some of the finest Mallorca property, offering unique living experiences, whether in beautifully renovated historic townhouses, converted palaces with welcoming palatial courtyards and arabic architecture, or modern penthouse apartments with rooftop terraces overlooking the harbour and the city’s iconic Gothic architecture. Palma’s historic buildings, exquisite fine dining restaurants, diverse nightlife, designer shops and choice of welcoming places for a morning cortado or early evening tapas with friends, encapsulate this city living paradise by the sea.

In October 2017, the Balearic Port Authority announced a 25 year concession licence for Palma’s marina and a 50M€ investment into upgrading and radically redesigning large areas, transforming it into a marina for 21st century living. A 40% increase in size as well as new and improved integration between the city’s heart and the Paseo Maritimo will ensure a boost for public finances through an anticipated 250M€ revenue over the next 25 years. With a recent 21% price increase, Palma’s residential buildings will continue to become some of the finest property, not only in Majorca but other major world cities.

Property for sale in Palma de Mallorca has never been so diverse. It’s luxury portfolio of Balearic property makes it easy to see why owning a piece of Mallorca real estate in this place in the sun is enjoying a booming trend!

Whether an investment property, holiday let or weekend penthouse, there’s never been a better opportunity to find luxury property for sale through a leading real estate agent in Palma. The time to buy your luxury property in Palma is definitely now!

Apartments and Villas For Sale In Palma, Mallorca

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